If you are a writer, or illustrator, you can find many excellent background images for your novel covers and other types of illustrations for books and publications.

The first book in the Earth Dominion series is free, and I hope you download it and take a look at how this artist's  artwork appears on my boojk covers and within the chapters. 

I certainly hope that you enjoy the novels in this Earth Dominion series … and I hope that you enjoyed the background cover art and all the art in the novel chapters as well.

The background art used in my novel covers (and in the chapter illustrations) primarily comes from one source:




You do not have to be a novel writer to find out how difficult it is to find the art for your book covers or other personal interests and special needs.

You could be looking for artwork for any application in your home, office, advertisements, or for just about any special purpose … especially gifts for just about any occasion you can think of.

After hours of searching, I found the source I needed for a wide range of artwork applications for all of my professional and personal artwork needs.

The artist (Brian Exton) has applications for just about anything you can imagine (artwork gifts for all occasions: Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, students, and so much more).




Artwork is extremely important wherever it is used. You see it everywhere in the world … and in just about any place you look. Almost everyone knows that art can affect the ambience or mood in much the same way as music can.

While music is in the ear of the beholder, art is in the eye of the beholder.

The big difference between art and music is that art will stay right there in front of your eyes … while music will stay with your ears for fleeting moments … ah, but we love them both, don’t we?

I am pleased to share this resource with my readers … because I know that it can add a lot of joy to your life and save you a lot of headaches trying to find that special artwork or gift for yourself or that special “someone” or for that special occasion.




Here is what I recommend. Go to this website and take a look at what you can do in these areas at: and look for your art-type needs for:

·         Home, office, den, work place, special people

·         Gifts for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, graduation, etc.

·         Your own special digital photo arrangement.

Many people do not know that there are artists such as Mr. Brian Exton that can do all sorts of magic for you … and he may be one of the few with such as large number of artworks and artwork applications to choose from.




For example, let’s say that you would like to portray your special belly dancer (or whatever) in a special setting or activity (i.e., it could be anything:  person, wedding, graduation, baby, pets, sports, etc.).

Here is just an example I threw together for this website … but Mr. Exton can do all sorts of “magic” with your digital photo if it is of good quality (i.e., not blurry, out of focus, poor light).

Here are a couple of backgrounds that I will add an image to (i.e., my special belly dancer), but you do not have to do this for yourself (i.e., Mr. Exton can do it for you.):





Here is the result after a feisty belly dancer digital image is added (both images below enlarged for a better view of the digitial image detail ... Note: the better the image, the better the final result.



"If you go that way ... you can ..."


“Down, boy … or, you’ll be Shish Kabob on a stick.”


I just added the illustrations above for this website production.




But … if you want a real pro to do a job like this for you (i.e., with just about any good quality digital photo … on just about any of his 500+ digital art images … then, you need to go to his website at

That was just a small example of the services you can you can get from PictureRealm. Just take a look at all the print and image options that you have on the main website.  

However, making special digital images for you is only one very small part of the artwork offerings by Mr. Exton.

Take a look at all of his image “Galleries” and the other links on his website.

I professionally endorse Mr. Brian Exton’s artwork, and I highly recommend it to you for all of your artwork needs … both personal and business.*


Mitchell Watrous, Publisher

Ladders to Careers

Tampa, FL USA



*Publisher’s Note: My company paid a fee to use the artwork from

and we may receive a small commission from the sales of that company’s artwork.