If you are new to "science fiction," get started and enjoy an exciting new sci-fi satire adventure. It will start slowly for you ... but picks up speed later.


 The action zips from one side of the universe to the other with a lot of exciting conflicts in between ... and the first book in the series of six novels is FREE.








Warrior Girl






©Imagination – The Infinite Inspiration for Adventure



This is a satirical work of fiction … but in truth … it may be closer to reality than many of us care to admit. This series may be a good place for the “inexperienced” science fiction reader to begin … but be warned … the pace does proceed from “normal” to “advanced” science fiction later on.


This series may not start out with all the bells and whistles that other science fictions novels have, but it catches up in other types of actions and adventures.


Why start like that?  Don’t some people like that sort of action? Yes, they do. There are millions of readers that like that kind of fast-paced, wild action … and we are going to continue to provide that type of story and action as long as our readers want it.


However … many people do not like a lot of current science fiction because it departs too far from reality to become more of a fantasy or fairy tale. To some readers, science fiction has departed too far from reality and into the realm of violence where the intensity of destruction matters more than the story.


For example, this story does not start out at “warp” speed with the crew being ejected from an oscillating wormhole into a vast expanse of space buzzing with fireworks too quick to keep up with, while mechanical machines transform into other action figures that create more destruction and more violence.


This series starts out with people and actions that may be very close to the reality we have today.  We live in the frenetic environment of news media who thrive more on bad news and violence than they do on the actual every day, mundane news of real people.


Who does not get stirred up with the thoughts of world-ending events from outer space? Any hint of a celestial collision (meteors, asteroids, UFO’s, etc.) in the modern world of communications, sends the minds of millions of people into the skies.


This is a story that starts with the secret intrusion of visitors from outer space. Their reason for being here is related to a life-ending event (which can be very real) that is coming very soon. No … it is not “the rapture” that many are waiting for … but something very deadly … indeed.


Humans react to opportunity and adversity in different ways … and that is where “satire” makes its entry … and their predictable but “unexpected reactions” to life engage our interests.


This science fiction series reveals how the very best of us, in almost any situation, can produce the very worst of possible outcomes.


As will be seen in both the physical and non-physical dimensions, sentient beings with the best of credentials can produce the worst, self-serving situations imaginable. The individual actions in all dimensions, and the types of science fiction , increase the further the reader goes into the series.



For those of us who do not know, Satire is the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary sciences, politics and other popular issues.



The author of this series is a retired college professor who taught various sciences for over 40 years at the college/university level.



He noted that we all seem to have had our ears, eyes, and minds filled with various kinds of “doom-and-gloom,” apocalyptic events all the time … and that many theoretical calamities predicted by modern scientists could actually come to pass. That is where science fiction and reality combine to reveal the future.



There seems to be a competition among all forms of science and entertainment industries to keep us on the edge of our seats to inform us that we are absolutely going to “get it” sooner or later … and we’ll go whimpering away to extinction, and into destiny’s dust, just like the dinosaurs.



In this satirical saga, 100 scientists are rescued from a doomed earth and plopped down naked on an alien paradise in a faraway galaxy ... and they are not given any tools, clothes, or shelter.




The aliens are curious to find out if these earth scientists are smart enough to re-start themselves and thrive in a garden paradise where all they have to do is eat great food, cavort, have pleasures all day … and avoid a few dangerous monsters.



Well ... almost ... because an evil, jealous alien queen on the space craft above the planet is having fun seeing just how much misery she can inflict on the scantily-clad earth people ... plus, she unleashes four deadly animals with very sharp fangs that hate each other ... and they don't like the earth people either.



All hell breaks loose when the bosses of the UFO ... from the non-physical  spirit realm ... find out what's going on when half the earthlings die in this planet paradise.



About a thousand years later ... with everything else taking place in between, the now-happy, surviving earth group is abducted again and taken back to a renewed earth ... and a bunch of them just die again.



Now, the beings in spiritual realm in the “heavens” are really angry with the UFO controllers, and all hell breaks loose again ... and a bunch of immortals find out that they really can die.



A couple of heroes emerge from the earth group, and these two will be re-engineered for inter-dimensional space travel, with magical powers, and a lot more pleasures, death, fighting, and exciting adventures ... and this satirical saga takes off in a new direction in the seventh novel (to be written) ... but coming soon.









There are six full-size novels with over 40K words per novel in this series. (Note: The first FREE novel is about 21,000 words.) See "Thumbnails" and Descriptions below.


The first novel in the series is FREE ... and occurs mostly on earth. From there, the saga zips off to other corners of the universe. We can call this a "starter" or "introductory" first-novel for readers who are not sure that they will like science fiction.


The first novel starts rather normal with a UFO that was zipping along minding its own business ... but the UFO had an agenda of its own and intended to get into earth's business right away. 


The first novel in this series starts as a more "normal" scenario with everyday living and concerrns.  However, the series progresses into increasingly complex science fiction in both the physical and non-physical dimensions.


These six novels cover a range of genres in science fiction adventures … beginning on the earth and traveling to extremes of the universe. The action takes place in many locations that humans have never seen before … and their struggles are curiously human and unpredictable, but that is where the satirical observations begin.


The author writes with a “satirical” humor that highlights the tendency of the human species to make trouble … to find trouble … and still, struggle to survive wherever it goes. When given the chance, do humans always make the best decisions for themselves? That’s where satire begins.


This type of science fiction may be heading more toward future reality rather than as a fictional adventure. The way humans react to reality is not the same as seen in the movies … and that is where the interesting facets of human nature take over to produce some interesting outcomes.


Some readers may not like this type of adventure, at first … but those with a more aggressive spirit of adventure may enjoy the satirical humor presented by these struggling humans wherever they go. The further one goes into this adventure … the more science fiction emerges.







Earth Dominion (Book 1): Hidden Alien Agenda 

     by B. T. Jackson










Imagination – The Infinite Inspiration for Adventure


High above the earth, an alien ship with a hidden doomsday agenda, is flying along minding its own business.   The UFO looks like it crashed in Virginia. A local, disgruntled university professor is called out to investigate. His anger builds while he is out stumbling around in the wet, dark woods of Virginia.  His attitude keeps him in trouble because he believes that all UFO-stuff is just a bunch of nonsense to get in his way. The military is there in the damp woods already, but they cannot figure out what it is either. Some soldiers get bored and start shooting at the mysterious object, but they are killed with their own bullets. The object vanishes without a sound … but it is preparing for an unseen doomsday rescue. Man’s dominion over the earth will soon come to an end.




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Earth Dominion (Book 2): Alien Doomsday Abduction

     by B. T. Jackson 











Adventure - The Infinite Plan for Imagination


Extraterrestrials aboard an alien spacecraft abduct one hundred people before the doomed earth is destroyed by a string of deadly meteors. The aliens are promising new pleasures and dominion in a deadly new paradise. The 100 earth scientists think the meteor story is just a bunch-of-crap military conspiracy excuses to abduct them, and they raise uncivilized hell with their captors to prove it. As they view earth’s destruction from the alien spacecraft, they still think it’s only a slick tricky video production to deceive them. They all think it’s just a government experiment to find out more about them. Stark reality starts to sink in as they depart the Milky Way Galaxy on their way to the promises of a deadly alien paradise. The most dangerous creature for this group of humans will not even be on Planet Paradise.



Earth Dominion (Book 3): Deadly Alien Paradise 

     by B. T. Jackson 






Infinity is the canvas for Imagination

The Earth abductees are all taken to an exotic alien planet called Planet Paradise where the couples are all separately placed down on the surface naked without tools or clothes of any kind. The aliens want to know if these brilliant scientists can figure out how to have dominion over the planet and survive. Can they survive without any tools on this paradise despite the exotic pleasures of the purple passion, magic aphrodisiac food fruits? Can they survive in spite of the powerful narcotic, physical changes caused by the purple passion fruits that grow one month of each year? Can they survive the attacks of the four deadly monsters that live there? The abducted earth people die off like flies on their new alien paradise because their only delusional goal is to eat, make love like rats, and die from physical depletion caused by sexual excess. The intense pleasures, and physical exhaustion of this alien paradise will kill many of them. Can the survivors learn how to cope with this narcotic fruit? Only one of the powerful aliens on the spacecraft above the planet is happy with this earth group’s failure, and she is the evil alien queen of the spacecraft overhead. 




Earth Dominion (Book 4): Second Alien Abduction 

  by B. T. Jackson 







Imagination is the art to fill Infinity.  

While the earth group finally gained temporary dominion over the monsters of the planet, they are being scheduled for a second alien abduction … and they do not know it yet. They are constantly running from the planet’s four deadly monsters on the alien planet and from the alien monster queen in the sky above. Although the small group has young hot bodies, plus some newlyweds, they have hormone-induced pleasures 3 to 5 times a day. They also have death and storms that slow them down a little bit. All four ferocious monsters are killed in vicious battles, and their deadly alien “sky queen” is also killed. And, all humans in the little earth group are now enjoying planetary dominion at the end of 1000-years of bliss and various pleasures. None of them are dying anymore in the last 1000 years. Then, along comes a friendly alien from the sky and tells them that they are all going to have to leave and return to their previously destroyed planet Earth. Now, the little earth group is fighting back like ferocious hell not to be forced to leave, but new dangers are coming from the sky that will surely kill them all if they stay.





Earth Dominion (Book 5): New Alien Disasters

  by B. T. Jackson 








My imagination takes me to the limits of my knowledge.



399 spoiled humans are abducted again … and taken from their alien pleasure world … only to be introduced into new alien disasters back on earth. The humans immediately feel the loss of planetary dominion, and whine about a paradise of love lost again.  They are making a return to a deadly new Earth for a fresh start. They manage to squander what provisions they have on the new-Earth. Within two years 50% of the humans die. To make matters worse, over 90% of their babies also die in those first few years back on earth. El Supremo sends his assassin to deal with the overlords in the sky, who let the humans fail on new-Earth again. Brad and Lucy finish the first 20 years of their 100-year training plan. While the gods ponder their own fate, El Supremo puts a radical proposal in place to save his beloved little humans … while he purposefully kills 100 of the worst of them in the process.





Earth Dominion (Book 6): Enhanced Alien Powers

  by B. T. Jackson 









My knowledge takes me to the limits of infinity.



The gods in the non-physical domain promise Brad and Lucy physical regeneration with magical, enhanced alien powers. They are promised never-ending dominion adventures with powerful new youthful bodies as they sail through time and space. They will have pleasures and powers that they will use in various new physical and non-physical dimensions from the big-bang to a new universe.  In the meantime, Brad gets killed by monsters and enters the spiritual dimension where he gets new instructions. In their new dominions, they will overcome monsters and challenges of all kinds at speeds greater than light speed. They will also get their own space craft sometime in their new dimensions, while backed up by the Sword of God and the Extrema Jefe … the Chief Extremium. Lucy will become the hottest, most powerful, deadly woman in the universe … but she will get into a lot of trouble first.


















Earth Dominion (Book 1): Hidden Alien Agenda by B. T. Jackson

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Earth Dominion (Book 2): Alien Doomsday Abduction by B. T. Jackson



Earth Dominion (Book 3): Deadly Alien Paradise by B. T. Jackson


Earth Dominion (Book 4): Second Alien Abduction by B. T. Jackson


Earth Dominion (Book 5): New Alien Disasters by B. T. Jackson


Earth Dominion (Book 6): Enhanced Alien Powers by B. T. Jackson


Earth Dominion (Book 7): Full Circle ???:    … coming soon